Joy Fire Metalwork

About Me

I have fostered a love of creating for my entire life. This love has led me to a semester of college at an art program in Italy, a B.A. in Studio Art, an apprenticeship and career as a metal fabricator, and now a focus on the art and craft of forging.

After college I apprenticed for and was later hired at a local ornamental iron fabrication shop, where I was introduced to forging and became the head blacksmith’s assistant. I began designing my own pieces there, focusing on wood and metal furniture and other functional art.

Currently I work out of my shop in Santa Ana California where I create commissioned pieces and bring to life my own designs. My current work focuses on interactive functional sculptures that emphasize the sacredness of natural objects and everyday life. When I am commissioned for any type of project I guarantee that will pursue it with energy and passion and ensure that my clients receive the highest quality of work possible.


My friend Keri Oberly is a freelance photographer who sometimes shoots for Patagonia. They came out with a new line of workwear and she got some samples for me to check out. She is very talented and took some really great photos!